AC/DC Maximum Rock'n'Roll: The Ultimate Story Of The World's Greatest Rock Band

by Murray Engleheart with Arnaud Durieux

About The Book

Over three decades and more than 150 million albums, AC/DC has established itself as much more than just a great rock band. For millions of fans spanning several generations across the world, they are an ear-bleedingly loud, sweat-soaked religion, courtesy of such classic albums as Highway to Hell and Back in Black.

Now, in a book of astonishing breadth and scope, comes, for the very first time, the complete story of AC/DC. Everything you ever wanted to know and plenty more you never dreamt of is all here, the ultimate balls-out adventure, laced with sex, drunken escapades and brawls. It's a journey that started in the suburban Sydney, Australia, bedrooms of brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, boys who could wreak havoc with their guitars. Over their power chords were the lyrics and voice of Bon Scott, who would lead them higher and higher until his tragic death in 1980. The bittersweet irony after his death was that not only did the Youngs manage to hold together without him, but the band's fortunes and status skyrocketed with his replacement, Brian Johnson, and the album Back in Black.

Five long years in the making, AC/DC Maximum Rock & Roll is sourced from more than 1,300 interviews the band has given over the past thirty years combined with over 75 of the authors' own interviews with those who worked with AC/DC both in the studio and on the road many of whom have never spoken about the band publicly. It's topped off with stunning, never-before-seen photos to create the ultimate portrait of the ultimate rock band. AC/DC Maximum Rock & Roll was first published in Australia in November 2006 and is coming out in the US in January 2007.


About The Authors

Murray Engleheart

Murray Engleheart is one of Australia's most respected music writers and a noted authority on AC/DC. With more than 25 years experience, his work has been published internationally and he has interviewed everyone from Bob Dylan, Keith Richards and Dee Dee Ramone to Jimmy Page, John Lee Hooker and Joe Strummer. (He is still waiting in vain on the call that was once scheduled from the now late Johnny Thunders). Engleheart has interviewed the members of AC/DC on many occasions, wrote the liner notes for their Bonfire box set and for the 2003 international reissues of the band's High Voltage, Let There be Rock and '74 Jailbreak albums. He has appeared on radio and television in Australia, once made Lou Reed laugh (with him not at him) and has an answering service message courtesy of Mick Jagger.

Arnaud Durieux

Arnaud Durieux, a former rock journalist from France, has followed AC/DC's career for over 25 years and in the process has amassed what is probably the largest archive of AC/DC material anywhere in the world. He has interviewed the band many times and has worked as a consultant on several of AC/DC's releases for Warner and Sony Music, including their 2003 Epic Records catalogue reissues and their 2005 double DVD "Family Jewels." He also acted as consultant for several TV shows such as VH1's "AC/DC Behind The Music," and runs the most authoritative AC/DC website (, which has an audience of more than 200,000 visitors per month.