AC/DC Maximum Rock'n'Roll: The Ultimate Story Of The World's Greatest Rock Band

by Murray Engleheart with Arnaud Durieux


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"The most authoritative AC/DC book to date."
- Christie Eliezer, Billboard Australia.


You're right of course. There's been books on AC/DC before but there's never really been THE book. Well, now there is.

Five exhaustive years in the making by internationally recognized AC/DC experts, Murray Engleheart and Arnaud Durieux, "AC/DC Maximum Rock and Roll", all 488 pages of it, is not just the definite statement on the greatest rock band on the planet but a vivid document on the musical times they have blasted through over the past thirty plus years.

It is grounded in and accented by Engleheart's numerous extensive interviews and encounters with the band over the years during his quarter of a century writing for magazines including Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, Rip, Sounds, Uncut, Guitar World and Mojo.

But that's just one part of the one-two punch. The second is the extensive experiences of former rock writer, Durieux and his archive on the band that is the most breathtakingly large and authoritative anywhere in the world. It is he who sourced the soundtrack to the Let There Be Rock movie in the Bonfire box set you know…

The result is a book that seamlessly chronicles AC/DC's earliest origins and global rise on a level never before dreamt of that's both fascinating for the most casual music fan and absolutely mandatory, stay up all night reading for die hard devotees.

There's the first ever interviews with the members of Malcolm and Angus' Young's early bands and an encounter with The Stones a day before they were historically joined on stage in Sydney by Malcolm and Angus. There's also the memories of Ian Jeffery, former tour manager and right hand man in the crucial years between 1976 and 1983 and those of Eddie Kramer, the early original producer of the Highway To Hell sessions who's credits include Jimi Hendrix, Kiss, The Stones and Led Zeppelin.

Engleheart and Durieux even uncover a proposed early name for the band and talk to the man quietly tipped to fill Bon Scott's huge shoes after his tragic passing.
Simply put, AC/DC Maximum Rock and Roll is the ultimate book on the planet's number one sweat soaked rock n' roll religion.

The long wait for a book that's truly worthy of AC/DC is officially over.