AC/DC Maximum Rock'n'Roll: The Ultimate Story Of The World's Greatest Rock Band

by Murray Engleheart with Arnaud Durieux


STARRED REVIEW. Five years in the making, journalist Engleheart and leading AC/DC expert Durieux have crafted the definitive biography of the wildly successful Australian rockers. Covering everything from guitarist Angus Young's first record purchase (Club A Go-Go by the Yardbirds) to the band's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and all points in between, this book is a godsend for fans.
So faithful to the spirit of the band it could leave readers' ears ringing, this book is required reading for any serious fan of rock music.
- Publishers Weekly.

"The most authoritative AC/DC book to date."
- Christie Eliezer, Billboard Australia.

"Aussie Rock purists diligently documented. ... This is the nuts and bolts chronicle for blokes."
- Phil Sutcliffe, MOJO.

"...the writers have painted an engrossing portrait of arena rock's exalted recklessness. Sex? Yup. Drugs and booze? You got it. Fisticuffs? No problem. Death of an icon (Bon Scott)? Strikingly recounted."
- Rob Dewalt, The Santa Fe New Mexican

"Maximum Rock & Roll is the most comprehensive well-written book ever published on the best rock band that ever lived. A great read, full of surprising facts, it inspires you to listen to all those great albums all over again."
- Nick Snelling, Editor, Beat magazine (Australia)

"What rock scribe Murray Engleheart doesn't know about AC/DC would fit on a five cent piece, so fans of the Aussie rock pigs won't want to miss this great read. Really good reading? That 5c coin!" FOUR STARS
- FHM Magazine (Australia)

"It's fan-bloody-tastic. One of the best Rock & Roll books I've read in a long time. I really want you guys to go out and buy it. The plan is to knock Alan Jones' book off the number 1 Best Sellers list and this is the book's that's gonna do it. This is fascinating from beginning to end, and I very rarely rave about a book."
- Spoonman, Triple M (Australia)

"This book is a travelogue, a diary scrawled on a napkin, a screamed roadie interview held backstage and a biography all in one. Ample photos supplement the copious quotable quotes, amusing tales and myth-breaking truisms.
MAX applauds Murray and Arnaud for compiling this loving tribute to a band who have moulded most of what we know as rock today.
This book does their story justice and must have been a biblical effort worthy of the original saints."
- MAX TV website (Australia)

"Accadacca mainstays Malcolm and Angus Young are, in any case, hardly the most eloquent commentators for this legend. Their foul-mouthed, grammatically garbled quotes make for abundant colour, but Engleheart and Durieux tell the story from more objective angles, pressing their faces as close as anyone has to the famous dome of silence that surrounds Australia's biggest rock export."
- The Age (Australia)